Beauty School

Sorry I haven’t been posting – I have been going to beauty school and I am in the Esthetics program (skin therapist) and I can’t have polish on my nails for clinic and for the Boards. I WILL BE PAINTING MY NAILS THE MINUTE I GET LICENSED, PROMISE. :) I haven’t given up on getting licensed for nails, but everyone has to start somewhere and I REALLY like skin care and treatments. School has been great and the people I am going to school with really are awesome – they make the ups and downs a little less rocky.

Anyway – next post is some serious nails… CAN’T WAIT!

Nude with Black French

I don’t know about this one… decided to post it anyway. Tried a half moon on ring fingers, gotta say not a fan of this look anyway and not really sure I like it here. I freehanded it (as you can see by the imperfection). I did however use the black polish for the tips and I think that it is holding up better. I used a little bit of remover to thin the polish a bit but not too much, or it went on too light. Since I change my polish a lot, this will probably be off by next week anyway. I like painting them too much to stick to one look for too long.

Items Used:
China Glaze – Liquid Leather
Revlon – Bare Bones
Detail Brush

Black French on Nude

Black French on Nude

Black French on Nude

Black French on Nude

Decisions, Changes, and Nails

I decided to post-pone the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge for a couple of months. I have been painting my nails, but haven’t really found my mojo since school. My schedule will now be allowing for more posts and I am looking forward to doing some more of what relaxes me and I enjoy. I also changed the theme for my blog and I feel like it is more me.

Onto the nails! First things first, I got OPI’s Alpine Snow thinking that it might prove to be a better white in terms of application. The jury is still out on that because I had a hard time getting this to lay without getting bald spots that I had to fix or getting really streaky. I also am trying out Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth. So far, so good.

Items Used:
OPI – Alpine Snow (white)
Oumaxi – Black Acrylic Paint
Striper Brush

Things I would do different and why:
1. I would have used a black polish and used a little remover to thin the polish out a bit to make it more controllable for a thin black line. The acrylic paint does good in terms of control-ability for application, BUT (there is always a “but”) I didn’t seal the free edge really well and it has already begun to come off.
2. Would have sealed the free edge better.
3. Would have put my white polish bottle in warm water prior to applying it as I have heard that it helps the application go smoother. Worth a try.

Simple Black French Right Hand

Simple Black French

Simple Black French Left Hand

Simple Black French Left Hand

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 17 – Glitter

I trimmed my nails down to nubbins… got tired of watching them slowly digress in that direction anyway, so decided I would be preemptive.  Oddly, I am likin’ the nubbies.

I am currently working on a program in my AI (Artificial Intelligence) class, we have to write a program for the game Blocks World in Python – a nasty little, open sourced programming language.  ANYWAYS – the inner geek came out to play and I decided to do a Blocks World, in glittah, on my nubs.  Uh, yeah, I did.

Also, what else are you going to do at 9:00 at night when the 72 hour stomach bug is moving through your house (aka The Hot Zone) and you are patiently waiting your turn to be an unwilling participant in puking your guts out, in the carnage.  I was up until 1 – watching X-Files and waiting my turn.  It didn’t happen last night, so we will see what is in store for me tonight.  SIGH.

Enough about me, it’s all about the nails!

Items Used:
Revlon – Blue Slate
Wet n Wild – Speak When Spoken To (index fingers)
Silver hex holo glitter

Day 17 - Inner geek came out on this one - Blocks World Nails!!! Glittah! :D

Blocks World Nails – Right Hand

Day 17 - Inner geek came out on this one - Blocks World Nails!!! Glittah! :D

Blocks World Nails – Left Hand

Well, after spending like a month or two trying to feel inspired to do this design, I gave up.  I am just pressed for time right now and just couldn’t get all that excited about something I have done before.  So, I decided to re-post one that I did last year, but really liked.  I also submitted it to Burgers and Nails and it got posted!  Anyways, I wanted to move on to the next challenge in this and stop laboring over one I am just not feeling.  Life is too short, and honestly, so are my nails – not that it stops me or anything.  I also got my YouTube page back up and running and finally got around to doing the channel art.

I am moving on to the next challenge… GLITTER.  YESSSS!

PS.  Just wanted to say that I am sorry I haven’t been paying much attention around here but school has been tough.  Enough said.  :(


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